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How Whimsy  Works: F.A.Q.

1. Sign up: To register click on "CLASS CALENDAR" to choose the date and painting for which you want to register. Click add to cart. Fill out the registration form and create an account. The registration system will send you an email confirmation. It’s as simple as that!


2. Settle in: Head over to Whimsy and get ready for some party and painting fun! The arrival time is set 30 minutes before we begin painting so you have time to settle in, open a tab for drinks/snacks and save your seats. We supply you with everything you need to paint your masterpiece including an apron, paints and canvas.


3. Paint and Party: Get painting! One of our talented and entertaining instructors will walk you through your painting step-by-step. No experience needed, just drinking experience!

  • My First Time - How to sign up or book a class
    What if I’ve never painted before? That’s totally okay we got you! You don’t need any art experience to enjoy painting with us. The artist will guide you step by step through the entire process, we're here for high-fives of encouragement all the way though. You’ll leave with a finished piece of art that YOU have created! Our classes are great for beginners or experienced painters alike. How do I sign up for a class? 1. Sign up: Visit our "CLASS CALENDAR" to view upcoming painting events. Choose the painting you would like to paint, or a night that works for you and complete your registration through our online system. We offer adult events, family day events, and kids events. 2. Settle in: Head over to Whimsy and get ready for some party and painting fun! The arrival time is set 30 minutes before we begin painting so you have time to settle in, open a tab for drinks/snacks and save your seats. We supply you with everything you need to paint your masterpiece including an apron, paints and canvas. 3. Paint and Party: Get painting! One of our talented and entertaining instructors will walk you through your painting step-by-step. No experience needed, just drinking experience!
  • Attire - Dont Be Late
    What should I wear? When painting you should always sport a Bob Ross outfit of course! Please don't wear or bring valuable clothes, shoes or handbags. We provide aprons, and we use water-based acrylic but when paint dries, it does not come out of clothing, canvas or leather. Paint splashes and drips – please plan accordingly! When should I arrive? Plan to arrive 20-30 minutes early to settle in, get a drink, and enjoy the atmosphere. Late arrivals disrupt the entire class, so if you think you will be more than 15 minutes late, you'll probably want to request a reschedule. We want everyone to have a fun night out, so please be considerate of your fellow artists by arriving in a timely manner. Thank you!
  • Prices - Coupons - Tips
    How much does it cost? The majority of the painting classes are $40 per person. Specialty classes range between $45 - $55. Should I tip? We love when our customers are feeling a little "tipsy"! We work hard to earn your gratitude! Do you offer coupons or discounts? Sign up for our NEWSLETTER to stay up to date on all of our specials, coupons, and promotional codes. These can only be used for online reservations. Some restrictions apply. What if I want to just watch my friend/child paint and only hang out? Every seat has an easel and canvas and has a painting class fee, why not just paint! If you stay, you pay. You’ll be glad you did!
  • Painting Questions
    Do I have to paint the piece of artwork scheduled for that night? If you would like to go rouge you are more than welcome to! You may paint anything you wish and feel free to change your color palette, the artists will be walking around if you have questions but there will not be step-by-step instruction! YOU are the artist and this is your creative journey. Let your inner artist FREE! What if I don’t finish my painting? You WILL! It’s our job to guide you through the process. But if you don’t, you may come in during Open Studio (at no extra charge) to finish. What is the painting ‘drying time’? It will feel dry to the touch after about 5-10 minutes, hit it with a blow dryer if needed and once it’s dry to the touch, you can transport it face up in your car trunk. May I purchase the paintings I see displayed on the wall? The original paintings on the galley wall are not for sale! HOWEVER, we do have paintings on our For Sale rack that you may purchase for only $15 +tax and all proceeds are donated to Victims of Abuse.
  • Can I Bring My Children?
    Can children register for a painting class with me? Yes! Children ages 6+ are warmly welcomed! No sharing: One canvas, one artist. Can children register for a 6:30 class with me? Evening events are ages 10+. Infants are not allowed at any of the classes.
  • Food & Drink
    We have simple snacks for sale but feel free to bring in any outside food! Whimsy at Orchard Town Center is a STUDIO and a BAR featuring drink selections such as beer, hard cider, lemonades, mimosas and of course a large selection of wine! Can I BYOB? BYOB is illegal in Colorado! No outside liquids can be brought into the studio due to CO State Liquor laws. But you can buy a wide variety of OUR liquids: bottled and canned beers, wine, champagene, malt beverages, coffee & tea, sodas, sparkling waters and more. Thank you for your cooperation. Violators will be dipped in paint and booed. What is there to eat? You're welcome to bring prepared foods to enjoy at the studio, or check out our selection of snacks and sweets available at the bar. We are happy to set up an extra table for parties wishing to serve a cake. Just let us know in advance. No candles, please. Are there restaurants nearby? There are so many great eateries throughout the Orchard Mall and surrounding area. Keep an eye out for fun events and outdoor activities going on in the mall! Outside food is great from any of the surrounding restaurants!
  • Seating - Large Parties
    I have a big group, how do we register? Good question! Call ahead and make sure we have enough room to join an existing class. One person can register & pay for everyone in your group (you would be responsible for getting payment from your friends), or everyone can register himself or herself separately. Make sure everyone registers early because if the class sells out we may not be able to fit them in! See our party page for more information. We registered separately. How do we sit together? We do not assign seating, but we do provide "this seat is saved" signs for the first person in your party who checks in. Arrive early with plenty of time to get settled in your seat and order a drink. Waitlist? If a class is marked as ‘Waiting List’ on the calendar and you would like to be on the wait list, go to the calendar, click on the name of the painting, & follow the steps to add yourself to the wait list & check out to complete the wait list registration. This does NOT mean you are on the class list or have paid yet. Once a seat opens up, Rezclick will automatically email everyone on the wait list that a seat has opened up. Does Whimsy Offer Private Parties? We have several options if you would like to reserve a private party: 1. Book a Party (during Open Studio hours), 2. Book the Studio (during regularly-scheduled class times, surcharges apply) or, 3. Book Whimsy on Wheels where we bring the party to you! Just give us a call and we'll be happy to find a time for you and your friends, family or co-workers! More information can be found on our party page.
  • Reservations & Cancelations
    How do I reserve a class? It's easy! Click on the calendar tab or “book your seat” buttons from either your computer or mobile phone. Choose the date for the class you'd like to attend, and complete the simple reservation form. You will get an email confirmation and an opportunity to share your RSVP with your friends so they can join you for a fun night out! You will also get an email reminder 48 hours before your scheduled class. Login my online account? To access your online account, click on calendar on the navigation bar, & on the far left is the login. If you did not set up a password or forgot it, enter your email in the “Forgot Password?” box or call the studio to have us reset your password. Can I cancel or reschedule a class? Whimsy does not offer refunds, but we are happy to reschedule your reservation for another class. If you must reschedule, please do so ONE FULL DAY (24 hours) prior to your scheduled class. Gift certificates or account credit can only be used towards painting events and cannot be used for bar credit. Thank you for your consideration! To reschedule go under My Account, click on “Classes” & then click “Change” for the class you want to reschedule. Next, check the box for the class you want to cancel. A credit is applied to your account and you can apply it to future painting class events. In order to request a reschedule inside the 24-hour window, you’ll need to contact us via email ( with your reschedule request. Once we receive your email, your request will be process within 72 hours.
  • Groupons
    Can I reschedule a Groupon? If you paid with a Groupon code, you will need to email us your Groupon vouchers and their expiration dates in order for us to reactivate your code to However, watch the expiration dates because deal codes won’t work after the expiration date. You may not reschedule after they expire without incurring additional class fees. Groupons cannot be retroactively applied to a prior registration. How do I use an expired Groupon code? Otherwise, send us all of the following information in an email: Your name, your phone number, deal code used, its value, when you purchased it and the class you would like to register for including date/time and name of painting. Send to: Managment will reinstate your coupon code for the amount you paid for the deal code! (Sorry, you may not combine deals, coupons, specials, discounts, etc). It will take up to 72 hours to process your request. Groupon Troubleshooting? Make sure it is for the correct studio, Whimsy Paint and Sip @ The Orchard Town Center. The Groupon Voucher code is 8 characters long, the order number is not the same thing. If you purchased more than one Groupon they all have individual codes and they all need to be redeemed in separate carts and separate orders, you cannot add two codes to one cart! You can register with only ONE code at a time. This is to stop people from stacking coupons. Groupons do in fact have an expiration date! You must register AND attend prior to the expiration in order to obtain the deal. Groupons cannot be used for Fundraiser events and we would like to raise as much money as possible for the fundraiser. If you are part of the fundraiser event, do not sign up with a coupon or deal code or your seat will not be included in the donation.
  • Fundraising Questions
    Whimsy is happy to help Denver area groups and organizations raise charitable funds. Please email us to arrange for a donation. We are thrilled to get this opportunity to help with your philanthropic not-for-profit venture. There are three ways in which Whimsy helps fundraisers and gives back: ​ If you are having a silent auction, we donate a gift certificate for you to auction. We can set up a painting event here at the studio where a portion of full priced seat sales (we will set up a code for your organization that must be used during registration) are donated back to your organization. Or, if you are doing an event that does not fit the previous two, we can donate a certificate for a painting from our For Sale rack. Please email for more information, we look forward to helping your group achieve it’s fundraising goals!
  • The Story
    What is Whimsy? Whimsy is a Paint and Sip Art Studio of course silly! At Whimsy a local artist guides you step-by-step through a fun piece of art while painting on canvas, sipping and listening to groovy music during a fun night out with friends! At the end of the night, you’ll take home your own personal masterpiece that you created, yourself! Let’s face it; life is too short for blank walls! Who Are We? Whimsy Paint and Sip Art Studio was founded in Oct 2010 in Historic Downtown Erie. We moved to The Orchard Town Center in the beautiful city of Westminster in the fall of 2013, we even brought the original stainless steel bar with us! Our incredibly talented team of illustrators and local artists are a hoot! Visit our “meet the artists” page to get the scoop! We are thrilled to offer 2 to 3 hour escapes that will evoke creativity and talents while bringing happiness & joy to hearts while creating their very own masterpieces! We like to think we’re changing the world one canvas at a time. Two Locations? Whimsy Paint And Sip is not affiliated with any other studio. RSVPs, studio calendars, and customer history are on entirely different systems. Because of this, we are unable to cross-honor reservations, gift cards, discounts or coupons. We encourage you to support both studios!
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