Whimsy Paint & Sip Art Studio

The Orchard Town Center

14676 Delaware Street, #200

Westminster, CO 80023


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Meet Lindsey and Kristiana: Our Story

Whimsy Paint and Sip Art Studio is under NEW OWNERSHIP!


Many moons ago, back in 2010, Whimsy Paint and Sip was located in a tiny bar in Erie and it was opened on a WHIM. A newly graduated Lindsey Bell wandered through the front door in the middle of summer. To her surprise she was greeted and hired by Raye Harris and her bubbly daughter Jessica Wing. Lindsey quickly became the lead resident artist, creating all the Whimsy artwork and training the Whimsy Team. Later down the road, after teaching many classes, Lindsey met a wonderful couple by the name of Roxane and Grant Moen. They adopted the studio when Raye retired to the sunny state of Florida.


As of November 2019, Whimsy Paint and Sip Art Studio has been passed on to Lindsey Bell and Kristiana Miller! Lindsey and Kristiana met on their first day of college while sketching on the grass at Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design. They proceeded to become the best of friends and have now been in each others lives for a decade (insert 'You Gotta A Friend In Me'). Together it is our goal to continue growing and supporting a creative community of art. Making art with other supportive creatives is much more fun than making art by yourself! We are the same Whimsy you have always loved, but now we are proud to say, Whimsy is owned, operated and loved by strong, local, female artists.

Thank you for reading our story, and be sure to visit the studio and meet more of our talented team members.

Whimsy Paint and Sip Art Studio opened in January of 2010. We LOVE it. So will you!

Meet the Dynamic Duo

Lindsey Bell

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Kristiana Miller

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