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Dear Lindsey,
I have gone to your studio 3 times now, and each time has been a great experience. I love how you show us, step by step, yet you also leave us to our own interpretation. Artistic flare in encouraged! You create a fun atmosphere, with music, drinks, jokes, and a positive attitude. Makes painting fun! My daughter is surprised how she is seeing an artistic side of me come out! Thanks to your encouragement!

Julie K

I have been going to Whimsy for almost two years now and I am impressed
every time. I love both the classes and the open studios. The staff is great
but I especially enjoy Lindsey. The few classes I have done Lindsey has been
so helpful in teaching me new techniques to help improve my skills. She also
makes the whole experience an enjoyment! The open studio is my favorite
because there are a wide range of times to choose from and the price is hard
to beat. In open studio Lindsey and other staff are always willing to still
give me pointers and help me. I would recommend this place to all my friends
and family!

Jennifer B

I personally loved how Terry (Whimsy Artist) encouraged folks to do whatever suited them for the background, then paint over with their aspen trees. Everyones work was so unique and awesome. I found my photographs of aspen trees and landscapes to be very helpful. When I sketch and draw, I use photographs and they help me! Can't wait to see you all again!


Wow! What a destination in Erie! We create art, listen to a rocking stereo system and good tunes, partake in adult refreshments with friends, meet new people, LET GO, and bring money into Erie's downtown economy! Terry, you've made a place worth coming back to again and again. See you soon!


Dear Whimsy, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways: 1. You provide such a positive atmosphere. 2. You make everyone feel like they are part of the Whimsy family. 3. You make fundraising fun and easy. 4. Chocolate covered cherry martinis!!! 5. Great music. 6. Great laughs. 7. GREAT FUN! Thank you so much for hosting such a great night! I cannot describe how amazing it felt to be surrounded by so many firends. Everyone had the perfect night!

Ami L. (Avon 2 Day Walk for Breast Cancer Fundraiser)

What a wonderful, fun, therapeutic, "rockin", "sippin", colorful, creative and loving time together. Thank you Whimsy Paint and Sip for helping us honor Miss Aubrey Glitter Sacco by painting 'Abstract Dragonfly' channeling her energy. You provide a wonderful place!

Gay I.

Who knew we could paint? This is one of the best Girl's Night Out I've had in a long time! Just so much fun to get out and do something different. Everyone form the other painters, to the people helping us out, to the instructor were extremely supportive and so nice. An all around great experience!

Lacey G.

Over the top fun! Looking for a special gift? This is a no brainer!

Allison H.

What a blast! We had a fantastic time painting our "Funkytinis"! Thanks for a great night, Can't wait to come back!

Sherri B.

OMG, I just love all of the new paintings that Whimsy has created for us to paint! Thank you so much for providing such fun & whimsical art.  My husband and I really enjoy keeping up with your facebook site and even HE is excited to get to come and paint!  We're really looking forward to our next date night!  We're painting Bubble Bath Babes! See you then!    

-Chloe, Fort Collins

"I attended J.B.'s birthday party at Whimsy.  You guys are great.  You are well dressed, friendly, accepting, encouraging,instructional...and the instructor knows how to make a woman feel attractive.  That's a great talent.Thanks for a fun time! p.s.  I still haven't thrown my painting in the trash, but...


My fiance and I had a great time! I am not an artist, but with the instruction from the artist, it made it easier to follow and paint! Being able to sip wine, and was so fun! I would definitely go again, and my daughter would love it on kids day!

- Cris

I had the best time ever! And yes, the wine truly helped. It was a laid back experience with no pressure. Lots of laughs and excitement. My daughter loved my painting and told me she wanted to come next time. Whimsy should do a child class with lots of paper down so not to make a mess =) And my husband told me that all we need to do now is get a frame for it lol. Anyway, I will definately be back. Its a lot of fun and a great way to meet new friends.

Thanks Whimsy!

- Christina

Whimsy Paint and Sip was a GREAT time out! The last time I picked up a paint brush, I’m pretty sure I was still in grade school, and I still left with a fabulous painting that I am proud to display.The music was upbeat and a lot of fun, and the glass of wine got rid of all my worries while Shannon and Jason led us through the painting.

Can’t wait to come back!

- Suzie

I had such a great time and my painting turned out good. Great way to spend an evening with family or friends doing something you enjoy! I will gladly go again.

- Doriann

I must say that was the greatest time I have had in a long time. The music selection was outstanding. For someone who has never painted, I came home with something that I can put out every Christmas. I am now addicted to do more. Can’t wait to sign up for the next one. The teacher was outstanding! This is a must for everyone to try!!!

- Tammy

This was the most fun new thing i have seen in such a long time. My friends and I had a blast sipping our wine and painting. Our teacher was so talented and so helpful that we all made it threw our paintings without covering ourselves in red and grean paint… well, most of us did anyway icon smile

- Rachel

Even without any artistic ability, I had a fabulous time! When I got home with my painting my husband said “Wow, I’m pretty impressed!”

- Robin