48 hour cancellation policy, register for event, what to wear


How do I register for a painting event?

Click on the calendar, click on the date and painting you want. Fill out the registration form and create an account. The system will send an email confirmation. It's as simple as that!

How do I get on a waitlist? 

If a class is marked as 'SOLD OUT' on the calendar and you would like to be on the waitlist, It's simple! Go to the calendar, click on the name of the painting, click on "add to waitlist". We'll contact you when/if the class opens up. You must be ON a wait list to get in a full class! We don't take deal codes at the door as they need to be redeemed online first, no exceptions!. 

How do I reschedule or cancel a class?

Whimsy is an art instruction/entertainment event much like a concert, dinner theatre or movie theater or other public event. If you wish to reschedule, you may do so up to 48 hours before class begins. A refund is provided as an account credit to use for future painting class events. Unfortunately, we DO NOT reschedule reservations cancelled inside the 48 hours prior class. There are no exceptions!  In order to reschedule, you’ll need to contact us via email (nav bar-contact us) with your reschedule request.  Once we receive your email, a credit will appear in your online account which you may use to register for the new class you want.  A new confirmation will be sent.  Sorry, any remaining credit can NOT be used for bar credit. Credit can only be used towards painting events.  More than one reschedule fee will result in a $10 fee per seat, each time.  Please allow up to 72 hours to process your request.

If you paid with a deal code, we will cancel the class & your original voucher code will be valid again.  Watch the expiration dates, however, deal codes won't work after the expiration date. You may not reschedule after they expire without incurring additional class fees.  

Some deals for instance: GrabitNow are offered occasionally through Facebook and/or Email newsletter.They have restrictions and don't allow reschedules.  You may sell it or give it away to a deserving friend! Here's 'the fine print':  No reschedules, not retroactive, not available for kids club/family day.

How do I get into my online account? 

To access your online account, click on calendar on the navigation bar, scroll down to bottom and click on "My Account."

How do I use an old/expired deal code?

Send us all of the following information in an email:  Your name, your phone number, deal code used, its value, when you purchased it and the class you would like to register for including date/time and
name of painting.    Send to:  create@whimsypaintandsip.com   We will send a new code to use that will charge the additional class fees, however, you never lose what you've already paid!  (Sorry, you may not combine deals, coupons, specials, discounts, etc).  It will take up to 72 hours to process your request

If you’re having other troubles with registration…

  • If you’re being told that your email is not being recognized, it is possible you have not signed up with this email address given we switched over to this system in January.  Also, double check that the two spots where you enter your email address do in fact match up.
  • If you’re trying to use a code & it’s not working, do NOT go ahead & sign up anyway.  You will not get the code for that seat & since we only offer rescheduling with a 48 hour notice and no refunds, you will be losing out on the deal for that seat.
  • If you are signing up for a fundraiser, make sure to enter the fundraiser code while registering otherwise the organization loses out.
  • If you’re on the wait list for a class & a spot has opened up for you, you will receive an email with the invitation and you MUST register from the email.  Even if you have been invited to sign up, if you do not complete the registration process, you are not signed up for the class.
  • If you want to reschedule a class & it’s prior to 48 hours before the class you want to reschedule, you must request this through email.  You can email us through the Contact Us link on the website (www.whimsypaintandsip.com) or by create@whimsypaintandsip.com.

If you’re having trouble registering with a Groupon…

  • First of all, make sure you’re using the code Groupon gave you that starts off with a “G,” NOT the Groupon confirmation code.
  • Secondly, make sure you’re putting your code into the Promotion code spot.  It will NOT work if it’s entered anywhere else.
  • Thirdly, make sure to enter the code exactly as given.  If you enter an extra space (sometimes copy & paste will add an extra space), the code will not be recognized.
  • Next, the way the Cimplebox system works, you can register with only ONE code at a time.
  • Groupons can NOT be used for Fundraiser events because they are considered deal codes.  We would like to raise as much money as possible for the fundraiser & allowing deals lessens that amount.
  • Finally, the Groupons do in fact have an expiration date!  You must register AND attend prior to the expiration in order to obtain the deal. 

When should I arrive?

Plan to arrive 1/2 hour early to settle in and enjoy the atmosphere.  If you're a few minutes late, the staff will help you 'catch up'. If you’re more than 15 minutes late, you’ll need to reschedule.  It's your fun night out, arrive early!  

My GROUP wants to sit together!  Someone should arrive early enough to 'save' seats for you, it's easy! Or better yet, all you arrive early enough to settle in and socialize while the rest of Whimsy fills up.  

We offer three painting event times:
Morning Events: Arrive @10:00, painting begins @ 10:30 and ends by 1:00 ish (children ages 7+ welcome with a painting adult/guardian)
Afternoon Events: Arrive @ 2:00, painting begins at 2:30 and ends by 5:00 ish (children ages 7+ welcome with a painting adult/guardian)
Evening Events: Arrive @ 6:00, painting begins at 6:30 and ends by 9:00 ish (Ages 16+ONLYw/no exceptions!)

What should I wear?
Wear something that you wouldn’t mind getting paint on. Although we use water based acrylic, when it dries it will NOT come out. If you care about it, don't wear it. Please leave your expensive handbags at home... paint splashes and drips!

What is to eat and drink? 
See our menu here. And yes, you may bring commercially prepared foods in. You may not, however, bring liquids of any kind into Whimsy due to the Colorado State Liquor Law.

 No, BYOB is illegal in Colorado. No outside liquids are allowed in!  The good news... we do offer a nice variety of beverages to choose from.

Should I Tip?
Tipping is never expected but greatly appreciated!  How much? you ask…usually $3 to $10 per person or more, it's up to you.  Thanks!

May I bring Children with me? 

Yes! During morning and afternoon events, when children ages 7+ are welcome with a painting adult/guardian! Otherwise, we’re sorry, this is an adult’s night out. Evening events are ages 16+.

What if I want to just watch my friend/child paint and only hang out? 

Every seat has an easel and canvas and has a painting class fee,why not just paint!  If you stay, you pay.  You'll be glad you did!

Do you offer Team Building, Company Social Events & Client Appreciation? 
Yes. This is a great way to unlock the creativity of each individual while building relationships.  Call us, for your special festivities. Read more about this here: social events

What should I expect? 
You can expect to have a professional artist guide you step-by-step through a fun piece of art while painting on canvas and sipping cocktails and listening to cool and groovy music during a fun night out with good friends. At the end of the night, you'll take home your own personal masterpiece that you created, yourself!  Let's face it, life is too short for blank walls!

Can we choose different sized canvas? 
Yes, if you wish to paint on something other than 16x20, you may...for the nominal fee of $15. Other sizes available vary and may not always be in stock. 

Do you offer frames? 
Yes!  Choose from several artful? frames!  $29-$39 (all for the 16x20 size)

Where should I park? 

Free parking is everywhere at The Orchard Town Center, or you may pay the meters and park right in front & along the street.

Do you offer fundraisers?
Yes! Please see our Fundraisers Page.

How many seats do you have?
Call us, we'll be happy to discuss your group size. 303.665.7026

What if I’ve never painted before?
That’s okay, you don’t need any art experience to enjoy painting with us. The artist will guide you step by step through the entire process. You’ll leave with a finished piece of art that YOU have created!  Our classes are great for novice or experienced painters alike.

Do I have to paint the piece of artwork scheduled for that night?
NO, you may paint what you wish and feel free to change your color palette! YOU are the artist, you may paint anything your creativity leads you to do within reason of course:)

What if I don't see the painting and or/date I need?
Call us, we're sure to oblige. We do our best to work with you to make your painting event as convenient as possible!

What if I don’t finish my painting?
You WILL! It’s our job to guide you through the process. But if you don't, you may come in during Open Studio (at no extra charge) to finish. Check with us before the evening is over.

What if I don’t like my painting?
We hope that you have enjoyed the ‘experience’ of painting as much as you enjoy your very own painting but if you don’t like it, maybe someone else will! give it as a gift! or repaint. Start over. It’s yours, you may do whatever you like with it! You may even want to donate it to a fundraising event!

What is the painting ‘drying time’?
It will feel dry to the touch after about 1/2 hour but will continue to dry thoroughly for the next several days.

How do I transport my painting?
After it’s dry to the touch, you can carefully handle it and transport it face up in your car trunk.

May I purchase the paintings I see displayed on the wall?
Sometimes, but wouldn’t you prefer to paint them yourself and enjoy the experience? Just tell the staff which particular painting you’re interested in.  There is an 'art for sale' rack up front, too.

Can I bring my own materials?
Absolutely, you may bring any art supplies you’d like (such as canvas or brushes); however, the class/instruction fee is applicable. You may want to check out our ‘Open Studio’ availabilities, too, where you can paint at your convenience.  We do not supply 'to go' paint.

May I bring a cake for my party?
Absolutely. Professionally baked cakes are welcome for birthdays, anniversaries, or just because. You may even use our table to set it up. Please arrange this in advance. Frequently there will be more than one special event happening.  No candles, please.

Are there any nearby restaurants?
Yes, there are several great eateries around. Click here for more info. We also have a great selection of snacks and sweets you will enjoy!  We highly recommend the restaurants surrounding us in The Orchard Town Center.

Why is Whimsy so popular?
It’s a popular venue for girl’s nights out, bachelorette parties and date nights. It’s so popular because we combine the going out experience with art and give people something to take home at the end of the night that they personally created. People love to display something on their wall that nobody believes that they painted themselves! Whimsy, offers patrons the opportunity to create a work of art while enjoying a glass of wine. The concept provides fun instructional art classes for individuals or groups. 

When did Whimsy begin?
The first Whimsy Paint and Sip Art Studio in Historic Downtown Erie and was founded in Oct 2010. We chose to move to The Orchard Town Center in the beautiful city of Westminster because it's so very easy to get to, has plenty of free parking and there's so much more for those driving from other parts of the state to see and do!  Restaurants and Shopping Galore! I decided to bring my roots of entertaining & hospitality to my own local art boutique and am thrilled to offer 2 or 3 hour escapes that will evoke creativity and talents while bringing happiness & joy to hearts while creating their very own masterpieces! Being able to offer this on a recession proof budget just makes it even sweeter! We like to think we're changing the world one canvas at a time.

Why Whimsy?
We wanted to create a safe and fun place for everyone to stoke their creative juices and just let go and let fun. We think this is the cat’s meow. Jess and Raye found the name after brainstorming through over 100 other names and finally just asked themselves one question ” What is it that we want them (YOU) to feel when they walk thru the door?” “Joyful, Fun, Whimsical” so, Whimsy we became!

Why aren't the drinks free?  Whimsy keeps the price of instruction below $45 and doesn't increase them for beverages because let's face it, not everyone drinks alcoholic beverages.  We don't think anyone wants to pay for drinks they don't consume.  Are we right? or are we right? 


When does the new monthly calendar go on the website?  The new schedule is always posted by the 20th of the month. Watch for it!  Join our email list to get the very latest news and sale promotions.  It's on the homepage.

Please note that the policies and guidelines are subject to change.