Our materials and supplies are Made in America whenever possible

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We feel that in order to provide a secure economic world for our children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, well you get the point, we need to continue to buy goods here in America. Job security for our fellow man, woman and child is the key to a prosperous future. We Buy AMERICAN Made, when possible, just for these reasons.

At Whimsy, our aim is to offer artists of ALL abilities the ‘complete’ painting experience.


We endeavor to inspire artists of all ages and open up new opportunities for their need to create and we know that high quality materials are the most important tools for any artist, whether new or seasoned. The design and manufacture of these tools demands precision, patience and skill. We’ve searched all throughout the United States for just that…and we found them. Read on!

Canvas: Coated with not one, but two coats of acrylic primer. Creates the perfect painting surface and prevents seepage through the back. They are stretched and tacked, complete with wooden wedges, to adjust tension in the traditional manner. Our canvas’ are a superior quality cotton canvas with a medium grain. Made on planet Earth.

We’ve chosen a highly versatile, water-based acrylic. It delivers an excellent painting experience. Only high quality pigments are used in the manufacture, offering significantly greater loading than in other acrylic ranges. They offer light fastness, permanence, durability and covering power. They are considered ‘high artist’ grade. Disney uses this paint! Made in the USA.

We’ve found easy-to-use, resilient and durable brushes which hold large quantities of color. The uniform thickness of the brushes’ soft synthetic filaments gives great snap and perfect spring for acrylic painting. Made on Planet Earth.

Palette Knives: Whimsy’s hand-picked knives have a special electrolytic coating that is unique in the fine art market. This additional coating results in a product that is more resistant to rust than all other carbon steel palette knives. They’re the perfect blend of quality and elegance for the budding or discerning artist. We offer a variety of head shapes and choice of sizes for a variety of painting techniques. Because of the low friction coating, colors are easier to spread than with other conventional carbon palette knives and easier to clean, too. Made in the USA.

Made from American grown and sustainable, Douglas Fir, from mills with the very best forestry practices (those with a vested interest in preserving the forests) They are manufactured with a production process that offers a superior level of craftsmanship, surpassing industry standards. One of the finest Easel Manufacturers in existence. Made in the USA.