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FRAMES: $29- $39 for 16x20

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Has your finished Whimsy masterpiece been collecting dust tucked away

in a closet somewhere?  Has it been hanging on a wall with no frame?

Now you can proudly display your most cherished of Whimsy paintings in 

brand new, state-of-the-art, classic, designer picture frames!

It's easy to insert your canvas painting into the 16x20 frame & get it back on the wall,

just takes minutes!  yeah, you read this right.  

We searched the world over to find the BEST DEAL on FRAMES!  

  Several designer colors to choose from.  Get yours while the price is this low! Good time to come in?  During any open studio.

Saturdays during Open Studio. Bring your painting and you can try ALL of the frames to find just the right one!


NEW CANVAS SIZES: 20x24  20x20  10x20  8x8  5x5

Now you have a choice. You can paint on the traditional 16x20 canvas that comes with your event seat or...

Upgrade your canvas size to 20x24, 20x20 or 10x20 for only $15 more!!

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YAY! Magnets: $3-5

What's your YAY! Saying? We have the top 50 favorite sayings.

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Whimsy Crafted Gift Items: 

It's always a surprise! Coming Soon.



Stop in often, your friends will be glad you did! Coming Soon.


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