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Our Story


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Meet The Moens, Whimsy's New Family!

Many moons ago, a newly engaged Hannah Criswell was looking for an amazing and totally unique bachelorette party activity. She enlisted the help of her mom, Roxane Moen, who found a paint and sip location in Erie, not far from their home. She surprised Hannah by hosting an amazing party for her and 25 of their closest and dearest ladies at Whimsy Paint and Sip! Each celebrating lady went home with a rendition of one of our most popular paintings, "Woman with Umbrella". That was only the beginning of a Whimsy love-affair, as Roxane alone has amassed over 36 paintings to date!

Eventually, what was once a mother-daughter date night became a beloved family activity spanning several years and two Whimsy locations! It didn't take long before Roxane's husband Grant had a beer in one hand and a paint brush in the other, cultivating his own art skills until he eventually had his own little collection of Whimsy paintings at home! When their son Brandon came home for the holidays, he requested a special outing to Whimsy to find out why his family loved it so, and then he got the Art Bug! Their dwelling has since become a sort of colorful gallery with a special twist; each piece was handmade by a member of the family! We have had the honor of meeting each family member over the years, and even having the opportunity to watch their family grow! In July, Hannah and husband Jacob (also an avid Whimsy artist, famed for adding his own special twist to his pieces) welcomed a smiley and beautiful little boy named Lincoln Grant. He is the smallest artist we have ever had, and undoubtedly the sweetest! We can't wait to see his first painting, though his debut may be spaghetti sauce instead of paint, and on his face rather than on canvas. But you can be sure it will be impressive nonetheless. After all, it runs in the family!

We've always adored keeping tabs on the goings-on of this Whimsy-Fan-Family, loving an opportunity to have them in class and catch up! So when former Whimsy owner Raye moved to Florida to be closer to her daughter Jess and made the business available for purchase, it was the perfect opportunity for Roxane and Hannah to step into the role of ownership of Whimsy Paint and Sip! With the help of Grant's laid-back nature and sense of humor, Roxane's warmth and artistic direction, and Hannah's inherited wit and brilliance, the Moens are excited to be an integral part of the Whimsy Experience behind the scenes and enhance what they love about the business! You can even see the handsome Brandon behind the bar during classes wielding his wine opener and a casual wink for the ladies! Your Whimsy team is so ecstatic to have this wonderful family on board! Roxane and Hannah are at the studio daily and would love to meet the artists who frequent Whimsy! If you're in the Orchard area, come on in and help us congratulate them on this exciting journey and all of the  wonderful things ahead!

Whimsy Paint and Sip Art Studio opened in January of 2011. We LOVE it. So will you!


The Whimsy Team







Ms. Lindsey is our go to girl. We couldn't do it without her. She's our Assistant Manager, lead artist and if you're wondering where all those painting ideas come from... let's just say we give her an idea and just let her run with it. She is a TRUE artist at heart. She has the enate ability to take what we desribe to her in our mind and make it a reality on canvas. We love you LB!





10 Reasons to LOVE Whimsy!

 1.  Amazingly talented artists that can teach you step by step how to create a painting you want to hang on your wall!

 2.  Upgrade to different sized canvas.  Plenty to choose from!

 3.  Frames!  Come on; show off your masterpiece, you know you want to.

 4.  Strings and strings and strings of corks!

 5.  Online registration makes it easy to register for classes and the fantastical amazing art gallery, tons of painting events to choose from!

 6.  The 'drying' station. This helps keep the paint off your car seats.  It's easy and fun.

 7.  Eats everywhere near us so go grab some when your tummy says 'feed me' and bring it in or choose from ours.

 8.  14 paint colors, no other paint and sip art studio has so many colors to choose from, we'd bet on that.

 9.  Artsy Aprons - find the saying that resonates with you and wear it for the evening.

10. Whimsy, a little on the 'sassy' side of art we'd say.   Something way different to experience near the Colorado Rocky Mountains!

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