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We're often asked how we came up with the idea of painting and sipping.  Here's the scoop:

Jess (daughter) asked Raye (Mother) on a Mother-daughter date.  The 'outing' was a surprise.
Raye had heard about this painting and sipping  before and had always wanted to try it, being
a closet artist herself.   So, when Jess pulled up in front of the Denver art studio, Raye was 
elated.  She was so surprised and delighted that she almost peed her pants. (not really, but almost).
They had soooo much fun!   Raye didn't stop talking about this surprise date that Jess had taken 
her to for months...then space became available in the quaint historic building in Historic Downtown Erie, 
a perfect place to begin the journey and Raye called up Jess and presented the idea of creating their own paint and sip art studio!
The name was chosen from over 100 possibilities from their brainstorming session.

Since then, we have moved to the Orchard Town Center in Westminster which couldn't be any better! The art scene is exploding and we are so happy to be on the first to be a part of it.

Here's how Terry became involved:
Raye need a 'little' help with setting a few things up...that only a guy could know what those are...
He agreed to ONE WEEK.He's been here ever since.:)  Lucky us! He handles, not only the guy stuff,but the web stuff,the internet stuff, the social media marketing stuff,the paintbrush stuff etc.He's the go-to guy....everytime.      

Ms. Lindsey is our go to girl. We couldn't do it without her. She's our Assistant Manager, lead artist and if you're wondering where all those painting ideas come from... let's just say we give her an idea and just let her run with it. She is a TRUE artist at heart. She has the enate ability to take what we desribe to her in our mind and make it a reality on canvas. We love you LB!

Whimsy Paint and Sip Art Studio opened in January of 2011.   We LOVE it.  So will you!

Oh, so in a nutshell.   Jess took Raye on a Mother Daughter date, they had so much fun that they
opened their own!   Mission here is to bring ART to the masses!


10 more Reasons to LOVE Whimsy!

 1.  The famous Yay! magnets! What's your Yay! Thang?  Yay!Wine!  or Yay!Beer! or Yay!Art!

 2.  Yes, you may...upgrade to different sized canvas.  Plenty to choose from.

 3.  Frames!  Come on, show off your masterpiece, you know you want to.

 4.  Strings and strings and strings of sparkling white lights, ahhhh.

 5.  Online registration, makes it easy to register for classes whenever it's convenient for you.

 6.  The 'drying' station. This helps keep the paint off your car seats.  It's easy and fun.

 7.  Eats everywhere near us so go grab some when your tummy says 'feed me' and bring it in or choose from ours.

 8.  14 paint colors, no other paint and sip art studio has so many colors to choose from, we'd bet on that.

 9.  Artsy Aprons - find the saying that resonates with you and wear it for the evening. Bitch!   QueenBee!    Betty Boop!

10. Whimsy, a little on the 'saucy' side of art we'd say.   Something way different to experience...near the Colorado Rocky Mountains!

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