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A cute little story that will warm your heart!


A family of 7 women came in for open studio yesterday. They were so sweet & cute. They were all dressed up in black &/or tiger prints. The grandmother of the group used to paint supposedly extremely well. Unfortunately, she has dementia & isn't able to do things like she once could. She started crying & it took a bit for us all to calm her down. Then one of the ladies thought of the cute idea of everyone contributing to her painting & it turned out super cute!!! :-) It made the artist on duty tear up when the grandmother pulled her in close & said how great of a family she has.

It's stories like these that just warm our heart. We are so happy to have been a part of making this particular Grandmother's painting day a special event.

four generations hands




Kay's Definition:
-An incarnation inspired by boundless imagination; an expression of deep subconscious emotion, drawn up from the pit of the artist's very being; a Translation:
through strokes, sculpts, exposures, sounds, words, stitches, shapes, colors, movements and any other tactile measure of feeling.

Yep, she about pretty much summed the "ceativity" definition up don't ya think.

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Whimsy Artist Spotlight: Rebecca

Painted at Whimsy: 17 times
Loves: (the…)  how excited I get when I know I am going to Whimsy, especially after work.  Just makes the whole day better.
Favorite painting event memory:  back in Erie when Raye and Terry were there with their doggie.  It just felt like home and They walked around showing us great tips. One that sticks in my mind is the help husband gave me on how to create the mist of water on the dragonfly and moon painting
Favorite painting so far:  Irredecense 
Tell us something interesting about you:  I love children and I enjoy getting to be the fun aunt with all the kids that come across my path.  Gardening is another love of mine, it is relaxing and very satisfying to watch things grow and bloom.
I love to paint because:  it is a wonderful world of self discovery.  I remember my first time to visit whimsy, I was so nervous.  I went by myself so I was conquering 2 fears at once.  Going alone and painting.  It helped me overcome some of my personal fears and build great friendships with the artists and a few regulars too.
I’d rather be:  living in San Diego in a little beach house that faces the ocean painting pretty pictures and growing beautiful flowers.
I love to listen to: (musical choice,band). Michael Buble pandora radio while I paint.
I’m a:  person that is never to old to learn new things. 
I recommend Whimsy to my friends because:  for all of the above answers.
Lil story, February 2013 I said to my husband I want to learn how to paint.  He jumped on the opportunity and told me he would by me a few classes for my birthday.  Even though my birthday was not until April he did not want me to lose my momentum and encouraged me to find a place to go.  I looked into many studios and when I found Whimsy it sounded perfect and it still is!  My husband is my biggest fan and loves decorating the house with my artwork.  He commissioned me last year to paint Irredecense on 2 - 24 x 36 canvas's.  I was petrified!  It took me 7 months to get the nerve to really try it.  I invested in another Irredecense class to remind me how to paint it, get tips from Raye on the kind of paint to use and encouragement from Lindsey and here are the results.  My husband is so proud!  Thank you Whimsy for the way you have brought joy into my life!
describe the image image

Creating an ART full life


Creating an artful life doesn't mean that you have to have a paintbrush in your hand and create big giant colorful canvases to hang on your wall. That's just one idea of art. There is so much more to it than that. It's where the expression "Art is Everything" comes into play. It can be an inspiration, a feeling, a thing, a look. Everything is art. Even something as simple as a beautifully set table. There's freshly pressed linens, sparkling water glasses, a pitcher of mimosas sitting next to a vase filled with dainty flowers. It's visually appealing (art) but also emotionally appealing (art) it makes you feel a certain way. It doesn't always require a paintbrush.

Whoever set the table in the image below is an artist. Their canvas is a table. What is yours?


Well that didn't help!


Well that didn't work. We sent Jess to Florida for a much needed vacation. She came back, packed up and MOVED there! Don't worry, you'll see Jess again, she works 
remotely on the computer and will fly in to teach occasionally!

We love you! ..... Mom


The BIG SURPRISE!  It's a TREASURE HUNT  (whooohooo) and 
It's happening NOW...this week only...This moment in time.
Are you paying attention?  We've blitzed the marketplace 
with 1/2 price ticket deals that are good for the whole summer! 
Hurry... FIND them, buy them & register online...
while supplies last.  (no complaining if you lose out).
Yeah, we know...this is pretty sweet.
Hit the 'share' button...get more friends help you FIND the daily deal!

We are the FIRST to have...

Whimsy Paint and Sip Art Studio
We are the FIRST to have:
Professional Grade Artist's PAINT, not that cheap tempura stuff
Signature martinis!  Try the Chocolate Covered Cherry Martini!
Real wine, never serving 'house' wine or wine from boxes or cheap wine
Real wine glasses, not those plastic cups (that's no way to serve good wine!)
Soft & cushy swivel stools, better for your butt !
Funky playlists, our sounds are 2nd to none, Jess makes sure of that by mixing it up regularly
The sing off.  Who says you just have to paint and sip here?   You get to SING, too!
A 40 foot long, curving stainless steel bar - so cool, you gotta see it to believe it!
The 50 foot long Graffiti Wall where you get to do your 'thang'.
The famous Yay! magnets!  What's your Yay! thing?
THE cute and whimsical Flying Pigs!   Need we say more?
Artsy Aprons - find the saying that resonates with you and WEAR it for the evening!  Bitch!  Hunk!  Betty 'Boop!  Queen Bee!
Strings and strings and strings of Christmas lights, when it's not even Christmas!
Online registration, making it easy to sign up for classes and convenient, sign up when you want to!
The 'drying' station.  Let's keep paint off your car seats!
Order in pizza - when your tummy says 'feed me' !
Whimsy, always thinking outside the box...for your painting and sipping pleasure!  

Whimsy's GRAFFITI Wall !

Whimsy's GRAFFITi Wall !
Only at Whimsy Paint and Sip Art Studio 
in Historic Downtown Erie (Colorado, of course)
can you WRITE on the WALLS!   
Paint/Draw/Sign the 50 foot long wall.
Leave your mark, your art, your tagline,
your favorite saying, your wit or even
your phone number.   Leave your one liners,
your drunken confusionisms or just the date you
came to paint, sip and play at Whimsy.  The wall
is YOURS to do with what you want!  
(no profanity, please, this is a rethpekable,
respethicalbe,  respectable  place)  :)

Day time hours coming soon!

Soon, Whimsy will have regular 'Open' hours!   You'll be able to walk right in, look around and book a painting event right there at the counter. We have spent the last three days moving our offices into the back of Whimsy to make this possible! Just another change in the long string of changes being made to constantly improve to better serve you.   
The drink and eats menu continually is being improved and updated, too.  Terry & Tammy are considering adding edible flowers to the martinis and Terry has decided to occasionally make the smoothitinis.  Yum! Adding the new and various Absolute Vodka flavors keeps them interesting as well.
Our many clever and talented artists continue to bring paintings from flowers to fru-fru and sea to mountains. If you have something you've always wanted to paint, tell us on facebook or write us an email.  We'll entertain any idea!

We're getting the hang of it!


Oh, this blogging is fun!  :)

We're working every day to make Whimsy to best possible choice for evening entertainment.  The art is improving (thanks Jess & Eileen), the martini list is improving (Thanks Terry & Tammy), the facebook presence is improving (thanks Jess) and the website is continually being updated and improved (Thanks Terry & Jess).   What about me?   I'm 'supervising'.  LOL    


What's the BEST part of owning Whimsy?   The people and the art.  I just love to walk down the aisles at the end of a painting event and see all of the variations for that evening's painting.   The artists blow me away with their creativity and clever ideas, making it their own!   I've even stepped back, watching the gifted-ness come through, getting tears in my eyes, watching everyone have so much fun.  That's what it's all about.  That's why we created Whimsy.   Thanks People, YOU make my day!   Raye

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